Warehouse Storage Medium Duty Longspan Shelf

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Longspan shelf also can be called steel shelf or butterfly hole rack, which consists of frames, beams, steel panels.

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Where to Buy Longspan shelf?

Of course From Liyuan factory. Longspan shelf mainly consists of upright frame, step beam, and steel panel, wooden panel are also available. Due to different shapes and loading capacity, it can be divided into three types:

Steel Shelf A


Size and loading capacity can be customized regarding the clients' specific storage requirement.This type of rack also can be divided into two types, the frame of the left one consists of two posts while the frame of the right one consists of three posts. When the rack depth is more than 1000mm, it is better to select three posts shelf.


Upright connect with beam

Step beam

Steel panel

Length Depth Height Loading Capacity
1000-2600mm 450-1200mm 1500-4000mm 200-800kg per level
Special storage requirement are also available
Upright 55*47*1.2, 55*47*1.5, 55*47*1.8, 55*47*2.0
Step beam 50*30*1.2, 50*30*1.5, 60*40*1.2, 60*40*1.5, 60*40*2.0, 80*50*1.2, 80*50*1.5, 80*50*2.0, 110*50*2.0
Panel type Powder coated steel panel   Galvanized steel panel   Wooden panel   Wire decking

Steel Shelf B


Steel shelf B is made up of post, beam, bracket and steel panel. This type of rack is mainly for light weight, and height often less than 2.5 meters. If use ladder or climbing car, the rack can be upto 3 meters high.


Post connect with beam

Steel panel with strengthen bar

Steel panel put on bracket

Length Depth Height Loading Capacity
900-2200mm 400-800mm 1500-3000mm 150-300kg per level
Special storage requirement are also available
Main parts Post           Beam          Bracket          Steel Panel
Color Can be customized

Butterfly hole rack


The difference between this type of shelf and steel shelf A are the coloum shape,and loading capacity. Butterfly hole rack mainly for lighter products storage, capacity bearing around 150-300kg, and standard size is 2000*600*2000, of couse size can be customized

Length Depth Height Loading Capacity
1000-2500mm 400-700mm 1500-3000mm 150-400kg per level
Special storage requirement are also available
Upright 80*40*0.75, 80*40*1.0, 80*40*1.2, 80*40*1.5
Step beam 60*40*0.8, 60*40*0.9, 60*40*1.2, 60*40*1.5, 80*50*1.5

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