Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack

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Cantilever racks are suitable for storing large and long-sized materials, such as pipes, section steel, etc.

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Where to Buy Cantilever Rack?

Of course From Liyuan factory. Cantilever racks are suitable for storing large and long-sized materials, such as pipes, section steel, etc.Materials are placed on arms of cantilever racks. This model is suitable for small warehouses and popular in building materials and supermarket. Regarding different load capacity, it can divided into medium duty cantilever rack and heavy duty cantilever racke steel floor.


Loading Capacity Arms Width Height
200-1500kg per arm 400-1600mm 600-2200mm  1800-10,000mm
Special storage requirements are also availble
Main parts Post, Arm, Base, Horizontal bracers, Diagonal bracers, and safety bin

Medium Duty Cantilever Rack


Double side cantilever rack

Single side cantilever rack

Medium duty cantilever rack: posts and bases are made of welded C shape steel, and other main parts are arms, horizontal bracers, diagonal bracers, and safety pins. Loading capacity regularly: 200-450kg per arm. Suitable for lighter products storage.


Easy to assemble. The design of these parts allows the shelf to be assembled quickly and easily.
Suitable for building material, furniture factory and supermarket
It can be equiped with back wire mesh, back board, side mesh, side board


Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack

Cantilever rack is the racking system for long-term storing large items with various sizes.For the very heavy storage needs, column, arm and base of the cantilever are all made of H-shaped steel. one level can hold 5T even 6T, widely used to store big pipe and steel plate material. The size and loading capacity can be customized as the clients' requirements.



It can be used indoors or outdoors
Arms can be adjustable which can meet different types of storage heights and loads.
Professional solution designing can ensure the safety and load capacity
Both medium duty cantilever type and heavy duty cantilever type can be selected
3D CAD Drawing are also available

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