Rivet Shelves And Angle Steel Shelves

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Light duty shelf can bear 50-150kg per level, which can be classified as rivet shelves and angel steel shelves.

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Where to Buy Light Duty Shelf?

Of course from Liyuan factory.

Light duty shelf can bear 50-150kg per level, which can be classified as rivet shelves and angle steel shelves. Between them, rivet rack capacity is better, usually 100-150kg per level. Angle steel shelf loads lighter, regular 50-100kg per level. Both of two type rack size, number of levels, and loading capacity can be customized.

Rivet Shelves

rivet shelving

Rivet shelves are widely used for warehouse and industrial storage. It is named revit because the beam and the column are connected by rivets. This type of shelf does not need the bolts and nuts, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. Main parts of the rivet rack are: columns, beams, steel panels, and plastic foot.

detailed parts of rivet shelves


1. Usually used for small parts, lighter goods storage

2. According to the different rivets on the beam, it can be classified as single rivet rack and double rivet rack.

3. According to the different appearance design, it can be assorted as inner rivet rack and outer rivet rack.

Loading Capacity Length Depth Height
100-150kg per level 800-1500mm 400-700mm 1200-2400mm
Special storage requirement are also available

Angle Steel Shelves

angle shelving

This type of rack, steel panels are connected by four posts with double mitre and bolts. Main parts of the angle steel shelves: post, steel panel and bolts.


1.Simple structure, beautiful appearance and low cost

2. Suitable for light goods storage, loading capacity around 50-100kg per level

3. Easy to maintain and repair

4.Suitable for manual operation, level height can be adjusted up and down by every 50mm

light duty shelf

Loading Capacity Length Depth Height
50-100kg per level 800-1500mm 400-800mm 1200-2200mm
Special size or loading capacity are also available
Post Specification 38*38*1.8    40*40*2.0
Steel panel thickness 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm

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