Various Steel Pallets Are Used In Warehouse

Pallet is an important tool for warehouse storage. Among them, the advantages of steel pallets are obvious. Because the material is steel, so the loding capacity is more than load capacity of wooden pallets and plastic pallets. Powder coated and galvanized surface treatment let it have stronger corrosion protection.
Some steel pallets are used for store products directly, and some are used together with warehouse racks.When pallets are used for heavy duty pallet racks each level of racks can often take 2 or 3 pallets. And they also can be used together with drive in racking system or shuttle racking system. Drive in rack requires large number of pallets to store the products. Common steel pallets size are: 1200*1200mm, 1200*1000mm, and 800*1200mm. And actually, the size, shape, and load capacity of steel pallets can be customized.
Some steel pallets are used for the transportation and storage of rubber in tire industry. As we all know the rubber will be very sticky. In this case, we can choose galvanized steel pallets. Galvanized steel pallets have super corrosion resistance and also can be used for outdoors or cold warehouse storage.
galvanized steel pallets
Nowadays, double side large steel pallets are popular in warehouse storage, which can be used to store rice, grains, and other food. There is no need to put them on the rack shelf. The weight capacity of this type of steel pallets can reach 3 tons, and the size can be customized. We can produce square corner pallets and round corner steel pallets as clients’ requirement.
steel pallets for grains

Our robust Steel Pallets provide additional protection to goods or products in storage and transport. With a more durable construction than timber or plastic pallets, it’s perfect for long-term outdoor use and harsh environments.
Steel Pallets are ideal for use in construction, chemical, food processing, warehouse, manufacturing and export industries. With a zinc-finish, the pallet is easy to sterilise, meaning it’s hygienic for use in cleanroom environments. Its heavy-duty steel construction also supports capacities up to 2000 kg.
As a versatile and racking friendly solution, Steel Pallets can be moved via forklift or pallet trolley. Furthermore, a range of great optional accessories is available to suit specific warehouse and storage requirements.

Post time: Jul-21-2021