Simple Stacking Racks

One of our customer from Hong Kong ordered conventional stacking rack.Rack size is L1200*W1000*H1200mm, and weight capacity is 1000KG. It is the common stack rack size, of course,our rack size, shape and loading capacity can be customized for clients. Whole rack is powder coated by blue color.

The customer needs to stack three layers in total to store the fabric rolls. Since the customer does not know much about the shelf industry, we recommend a regular size according to the requirements he described. Finally, he is very satisfied and placed an order for us. Recently, our company has completed the production of stacking racks and plans to ship and pack them by tomorrow.

This type of stacking rack has a simple structure, the bottom is welded with rectangular tubes, and uses conventional stacking bowl and stacking foot. In order to save transportation costs, the overall structure is detachable, the column can be taken down, and the column can be directly put into the post holder when in use. The operation is very simple. When not in use and idle, it can also save the space of the warehouse, which is flexible and convenient. The overall structure is simple, firm, beautiful and atmospheric.

After finished producing, we took detailed photos and videos for the customer. He was very satisfied with the overall effect, and gave a high evaluation of our product, and said that if the warehouse still needs it in the future, they will continue to look for our company to purchase.

We can not only produce ordinary powder coated detachable stacking racks, but also foldable stacking racks. According to customers’ different storage requirements and structural needs, we can design solutions and provide vertical drawings for them, in this case, they can understand the overall structure more intuitively.Galvanized surface treatment is also available. If you are interested in our products, kindly email us at

Post time: May-12-2022