Round Corner Steel Pallet

Today we introduce one popular type of steel pallet – round corner steel pallet. It is a two-way entry steel pallet, and meanwhile a two-sided steel pallet. It is widely used in grain industry, chemistry industry, and so on. It is used to store particular objects which is in sacks or bags.

steel pallets

This type of round corner steel pallet can take a lot weight. The static load capacity can be more than 7 tons, which allows goods to be piled up as highly as possible. At the same time the dynamic load capacity can be designed more than 3.5 tons. Very strong, isn’t it?

The size can be customized according to client’s requirements. The width can be as long as 1500-2200 millimeters (not more than the width of container). The depth can be around 1200-1500 millimeters, a depth your forklift can lift it up in the even way.

As you can see in the picture, the structure of this type of round corner steel pallet is very easy: two bended U shape tubes as side frames, two big straight tubes as fork entry, and several smaller tubes as ribs between fork entry and side frames. The strength of raw material and quality of welding will determine the whole quality of round corner steel pallets. The raw material we use is Q235B cold roll steel in Chinese Standard, which is equivalent to SS400B in Japanese Standard (JIS), Gr.65 in the USA standard (ASTM), E235B in IOS standard, and S235JR in European standard (EN). As a manufacturer, we have a group of skilled welders with rich experience. Which makes the whole quality of round corner steel pallet strong enough. If you have any interests in this type of round corner steel pallets, just feel free to contact us, will try to provide you a best price.


Post time: Apr-25-2023