Galvanized Stacking Rack Delivery

On September 17th, our factory shipped 3*40HC container of stacking rack, and everything went well, it took 2-3 hours to finishing loading. Next week we will continue to delivery 3*40HC containers of stacking racks. Rack size: 1200*1000mm, the loading capacity is about 1 ton, which can stack 4 layers, and used for cold room storage, such as beef, lamb, pork or ice cream, etc.

The surface treatment of these racks are hot dip galvanizing. Before the galvanized, it will be pickled to remove rust on surface. And the thickness of zinc can reach 110 micron, which means the racks can prevent rust and corrosion well.

stacking rack

Before shipment, we have done many stacking experiments in order to check the following points:
1. Whether the posts can get into post holder well
2. Whether the posts are straight when they get into the post holder
3. Whether the posts are shaking when they get into the post holder
4. Whether the racks are deformed when storing 1-ton products
5 .Whether the racks can stack 4 levels well when stored 1-ton products
6. Whether the racks are deformed after galvanizing
7. Whether the posts can get into post holder well after galvanizing

Although the process is complicated, we pay attention to every step to ensure that the racks provided to customers are good and perfect. We pursuit good quality and try to deliver good products to every clients.
Nowadays, stacking rack are widely used in the warehouse, not only for cold room storage, but also for tire storage, fabric roll storage, short pipe storage and so on. It is very convenient to use. Not only can we provide galvanized surface treatment racks, but also can provide powder coating stacking racks, it also can prevent rust and corrosion.
Compared with common heavy duty racks, the advantage of stacking rack is that they need less aisles and can densely store goods, which greatly improves the utilization rate of warehouse.

galvanized stacking racking

Post time: Sep-22-2021