Collapsible Metal Pallet Boxes Shipped to Singapore

This earlier of month, one of the customer in Singapore purchased some collapsible metal pallet boxes from our factory. Because this is the first time to cooperate,so before container loading, we invited famous third part department to our factory inspect the products quality and do the stacking experiment.

After inspection, all of the things are okay, it can be stacked three levels very well and yesterday we do the container loading successfully.

The order of the metal pallet boxes around are made of wire mesh, and it can be folded by four sides. Except this, the height of the two sides we do the half folded type, just like the door opening. It will convenient for customers to take or put products in the boxes, the whole of the pallet boxes are white, seems very beautiful.

The steel pallet box size, and weight capacity can be customized, we can regarding clients different storage needs design suitable solutions. The surrounding of the metal boxes can be made of steel plate, and the whole struture can do welding type, not the folding form.

Usually the metal box pallet can be stacked by each other. And they are also can be used together with heavy duty pallet racks. The box bottom do the pallet leg type and put them on the rack beam directly.

Foldable metal pallet boxes have many advantages. They are easy to use, flexible, do not occupy warehouse space, and are easy to install.If it is used to cover small heavy accessories and parts, it also can prevent them from falling from the metal pallet boxes.

Our factory always pursuit the products quality, and choose good raw material to producing the box pallets. Actually we not only can produce metal pallet box, stacking racks, steel pallets, but also good at various type of racking. Any interest, kindly email us at

Post time: Dec-30-2021