2 Levels Mezzanine Floor Was Successfully Installed

Recently, our company’s steel platform project was successfully installed in Qatar. The size is L30*W20*H6.5m, total 2 levels, and floor load capacity is 500KG per square. Our company is responsible for the entire project from the initial design of the plan, to getting the order, to production, to spraying and finally to the installation. As for installation, we have prepared detailed installation instructions and videos for customers to help them complete this project successfully.

In fact, customer did not know well of the products stored in the warehouse, so he initially planned to use conventional heavy duty shelves. After understanding his storage requirements, we recommended the steel platform to him and provided corresponding vertical drawing. The customer was very satisfied and accepted our plan, and finally gave us the order.

Different from the mezzanine racking, the top and bottom are composed of shelves. The bottom of the steel platform is composed of several posts. The top is flat, the structure is more simple, and the use is more flexible.Many customer are willing to select it for the warehouse storage.

The use of the mezzanine floor helps the customer to make full use of the space in the height direction, greatly improve the warehouse utilization, and save costs. The overall structure is composed of main beams, secondary beams, columns, guardrails, stairs, etc. Different colors are used for different parts. So the whole structure looks very beautiful.

mezzanine floor

The size and levels of the mezzanine floor can be customized. The conventional mezzanine is one level. Of course, two levels or even three levels are also okay. The scheme can be designed according to the different requirements of customers.

Our company has a professional solution design team, which can help you better plan and utilize the warehouse. Any warehouse storage requirements, kindly email us at contact@lyracks.com

Post time: Jun-01-2022